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Когда можно использовать наречия места

Как мож­но дога­дать­ся по назва­нию, наре­чия места пока­зы­ва­ют нам, где про­ис­хо­дит дей­ствие. Все эти сло­ва очень часто исполь­зу­ют­ся в речи, поэто­му крайне жела­тель­но их запом­нить. Основ­ные наре­чия места:

Here/there – здесь/тамTowards – по направ­ле­нию кin/out – в/вне
Near/far – близко/далекоUpwards/downwards – вверх/ внизon/off – включен/выключен
Somewhere/anywhere/nowhere – где-нибудь­/в любом месте/нигдеForwards/backwards – вперед/назадUp/down – наверх/вниз
Upstairs/downstairs – вверх по лестнице/вниз по лестницеAround – вокругover – через
Inside/outside –внутри/снаружиabout– око­лоnext to – рядом с
North/east/south/west – на севере/востоке/юге/западеaway – долой, прочь, изbetween – между

Значение конструкции There is There are

Буквально there is переводится как «здесь естьприсутствует», а there are как «здесь естьприсутствуют» (во множественном числе). Но точнее будет сказать, что оборот there + to be используется для обозначения присутствия или наличия чего-либо или кого-либо.

Пройдите тест на уровень английского:

There is an old church in this town. — В этом городе есть старая церковь.

There are ten or eleven kids in the classroom. — В классе десять или одиннацать детей.

There is always a way out. — Выход всегда есть.

There are two ways out of this tunnel. — Из этого тоннеля есть два выхода.

Как использовать конструкцию there is / there are в английском языке


Мы можем использовать there + be во всех временах: настоящем, прошедшем и будущем. Соответственно, для этого нам надо менять форму глагола be.

There is a bottle of milk in the fridge. – В холодильнике есть бутылка молока. (сейчас есть, поэтому настоящее время и форма глагола to be “is”)

There was a bottle of milk in the fridge. – В холодильнике была бутылка молока. (раньше была, поэтому прошедшее время и форма глагола to be “was”)

There will be a bottle of milk in the fridge. – В холодильнике будет бутылка молока. (будет в будущем, поэтому будущее время и форма глагола to be “will be”)

А еще to be уникален тем, что он может иметь форму единственного и множественного числа. Если после there + be идет существительное в единственном числе, то берите is или was. А если идет во множественном – are или were. А will be – универсальный, и его можно использовать как с единственным, так и с множественным числом.

А теперь давайте приведем табличку, в которой наглядно все изображено:

ThereBeЧто/кто находитсяГде находится
will be


Отрицательное предложение можно составить двумя способами: либо при помощи отрицательного местоимения no, либо при помощи отрицательной частицы not и местоимения any. И таким образом вы скажете, что чего-то где-то нет.

There is no table in the room. = There is not (isn’t) any table in the room.– В комнате нет стола.

There are no souvenirs on the shelf. = There are not (aren’t) any souvenirs on the shelf. – На полке нет сувениров.


Вопрос строится легко: возьмите нужную форму be и поставьте ее в начало предложения.

Is there a table in the room? – В комнате есть стол?

Were there many people at the party? – На вечеринке было много людей?

Here, There and Everywhere!

The Wallaby Track: How much can you pack into a month?

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Aerial view of Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach.

From a week-long celebration of my 90th birthday, including visiting a local zoo with my family, to sharing an evening with former Heywood Apex members and their wives who were staying at the Lakeside Tourist Park at Halls Gap, it has been a very busy month.

I even headed to an ACC Lone Trekkers muster at Lakes Entrance, Vic, with activities that included a luncheon cruise on the Gippsland Lakes, visits to a homestead and a winery, topped off by a wonderful helicopter trip over the Gippsland Lakes before driving home. Phew!


I’d been enjoying a great ACC Gippsland Gypsies Muster at Maryborough, Vic, and after dinner on the Sunday evening one of my friends said, “Come for a walk, Lionel – and no questions.”

“Why no questions?” I asked her.

“That’s one,” she replied. “No more!”

When we got back, everyone was sitting in the dining area – and there was an iced cake with 90th birthday and candles on it – plus there was a box of goodies. They were singing ‘Happy Birthday to You!’ I was about five hours short of being ninety but it was a great start to a week of celebrations.

Lionel and a Mark IV Jaguar. He once owned a Mark V.

The next morning, after driving home under blue skies through the lovely Victorian countryside, I arrived home at the same time as my grandson, Reece, who had driven up from Melbourne to share my birthday – and yes – my birthday had arrived and to prove it, daughter Sue had baked and iced a lovely cake complete with candles.

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After Reece went home, I thought it would be a quiet week. But the greatest surprise of all was on the Wednesday when I had a phone call from my eldest daughter who I thought was in Alice Springs. “Look out of your window,” she said. “You will see us driving into you driveway.”

I was surprised, amazed and delighted! They are here until after the new year and will be sharing Christmas with Sue, Shaun and me.

My birthday hadn’t ended yet – we had a lovely family weekend with two grandsons, one with his partner and two great-grand-daughters plus a couple of dogs!

We went to the Halls Gap Zoo on the Saturday morning and were very lucky as the rain waited until we had finished before heading for pies and pasties at the Halls Gap Bakery. A few people topped it off at the nearby ice creamery.


Lionel’s grandson took this drone image of his Lionel’s place.

Cameron – one of my grandsons – had brought his drone with him and took a lovely pic of my place from the air.

I didn’t count all the birthday cards and the avalanche of Facebook congratulations messages – but there were many.

A wonderful birthday!


A former Apexian I met one night, earlier in the year at Walkamin in Queensland, rang me recently and invited me to join him and fellow former Apexians and their partners at their annual get together at the Lakeside Tourist Park at Halls Gap.


It was a lovely evening and as they were raising funds for a charity, I sold them some of my $10 books with $5 going to their charity and $5 to me. It raised a clap and autographed books sold well.


On the way to Beaconsfield, Vic, where I was spending the night at a friend’s place before we moved on to an ACC Lone Trekkers muster at Lakes Entrance, Yemmy started to make strange noises as I slowed to a stop.

We couldn’t find out what it was so I rang my Sprinter guru, Eric, and he told me to check the wheel nuts for tightness. He’s a genius because one front wheel had loose nuts and tightening them cured the noise.

The tyre looked a bit dodgy so Yemmy’s booked in for some new tyres at my local Bridgestone dealer.


Lionel takes a quick break while doing the 95 Steps.

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We had a busy but enjoyable week and organiser Reg had booked us on a lovely luncheon cruise on the Gippsland Lakes with lunch at the Marlo Hotel. There was an excellent commentary as we cruised along – we saw the lakes and much more from a helicopter later in the week.

One day we visited Nyerimilang Heritage Park and four of us decided to walk down to the lake via 95 Steps. The other three were more worried about me and the steps than I was – after all I’m only 90! I did get a certificate when we got back to the shop!

Another day saw us visiting a winery. We had had home-made scones with cream and jam with our coffee. Our two lady members lashed out and had the wine tasting as well. On our way to and from the winery, we spotted the sign to the airport – more on that later.

We had a farewell dinner together across the road at a bowls club on the Friday night but Michael and I stayed on until Sunday as the weather on Friday and Saturday didn’t look good for our planned helicopter flight.

We put one of our days waiting to good use by visiting a motor museum at Mafra plus climbing a steep hill near Stratford on the way to see great views of the Avon River. I had no idea there was a hill near Stratford, although I have passed through the town many times.


Lionel finally arrived at the correct airport!

We set off nice and early on the Sunday morning and drove out to what we thought was the airport. It was an airport but not the one with helicopters! A friendly farmer who had been chasing his cows in a paddock near the runway came and told us we were at the wrong airport! Who would have thought there would be two airports in a town like Lakes Entrance?

We got to the right airport a bit late but they didn’t mind and we were soon in the air where the views were great. Our pilot gave us an interesting commentary that made it all the better.


We had taken the cover off my iPhone for something and had accidentally turned the brightness down so I had a blank, black screen and had to take photos by guess. Amazingly, most of them came out quite good so I’ll put one or two on here.

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Old McDonald had a Farm — известная песенка про фермера и его животных

Знаменитая детская английская песня под гитару про фермера и его животных. Такие песни хорошо петь в группе, где много детей. Очень часто их поют в автобусах, когда дети куда-нибудь едут.

Караоке версия:

Текст песни — Old McDonald had a Farm (text, lyrics):

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had a cow, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a moo moo here and a moo moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had a pig, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With an oink oink here and an oink oink there,
Here an oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had a duck, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a quack quack here and a quack quack there,
Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack quack.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had some chicks, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a chick chick here and a chick chick there,
Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had some geese, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a honk honk here and a honk honk there,
Here a honk, there a honk, everywhere a honk honk.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had a horse, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a neh neh here and a neh neh there,
Here a neh, there a neh, everywhere a neh neh.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o,
And on his farm he had a mule, ee-i-ee-i-o.
With a hee haw here and a hee haw there,
Here a hee, there a hee, everywhere a hee haw.
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Слова из песни с переводом

English Joke

Doctor: What seems to be the trouble?
Patient: Doctor, I keep getting the feeling that nobody can hear what I say.
Doctor: What seems to be the trouble?

There (там)

There представляет собой наречие места (там). В этом смысле there (там) является противопоставлением наречия here (здесь). И рассматриваемое наречие отвечает на вопрос «где», как в примере:

  • He is there now. – Он сейчас там.

There также используется как местоимение, являющееся подлежащим в предложении, как в примере:

  • There is still hope. – Есть (дословно: там есть) еще надежда.
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 ispolzovanie there v predlozhenii


The ship first gained real traction after the quest «Act 3: A New Star Approaches» was released because of the cutscene where Xiao saves Aether from falling in the sky. It has been well established in the fandom ever since. Especially due to the 1.3 update containing the Lantern Rite event and Xiao’s story quest, Xiaother’s fanbase and popularity grew immensely.

Xiaother possesses multiple tropes that people see much appeal in. For one they are often seen as the sun and moon. Not only do their colour schemes match this concept, but Aether is usually depicted as the gentle soul of the two, being rather bubbly and kind, while Xiao is canonically distant and often supresses his feelings. The healing aspect of this ship is what truly drives the fandom however. Since Xiao has been suffering for centuries and is deeply traumatized, many are in love with the idea of Aether being the one to show Xiao the good sides of life and that he’s worth much more than simply being a tool in battle. This was even partially confirmed as the «Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion» confirms Aether wants to help Xiao find salvation. Aether is often portrayed comforting Xiao, not leaving his side and being gentle with him despite Xiao asking him to only treat him as a weapon in canon.

Another often seen idea in fanworks is Xiao being overwhelmed by simple acts of affection, such as hugs.

Xiao being an immortal being that has stayed from others for most of his life, fans enjoy Aether being the one to be able to move his heart. The devotion that follows even in game is another factor as well. From the very beginning Xiao is willing to kill for Aether, something romantic to many. Xiao protecting Aether is often a theme in fanworks and they’re portrayed as a battle couple a lot of times as well. The higher the friendship level with Xiao, the deeper their bond grows. Especially the final «More About Xiao: V» is beloved since Xiao explains their bond can no longer be severed.

Xiaother became the 7th most written for ship on Archive of Our Own in the Genshin Impact fandom.

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